Why I became an escort – Abby English

Of course I will not be giving away any identifying details but here is the gist of my entry into sexwork and a brief outline of my journey up until now.

Some years ago I had to give up my civilian job due to ill health. I had no idea what to do, spent many months recovering and trying to work that out. Then one NYs day (mildly hungover) I was browsing the internet and ‘somehow’ came across the Adultwork site. I honestly did not realise what it was, halfheartedly filled in a profile and forgot about it for a week.

Going back to it I realised what it was! I asked myself ‘could I do this?’ After a couple of months of false starts (and nerves) I had my first booking. Slowly I realised this was something (on the whole) I liked. It was a steep learning curve for me in terms of managing and working out boundaries/rules and suchlike. Sadly there are always ‘punters’ looking to prey on newcomers.

This was many years ago now, and of course there have been unpleasant experiences, but they have been in a minority. The bane of an escort’s life are timewasters, from those who look for freebies/harass you to those who never intend to book, to No Shows, Walk Outs and cancellations.

To balance that out I have had many wonderful clients, some I have seen only once, some became regulars for a long or short while. I can honestly say I grew fond of some clients, within of course the boundaries of a client/escort relationship.

The past 15 months have been extremely challenging. My documented ill health has meant barely being able to work and my finances have taken a massive hit. I have also experienced major personal difficulties the last few years which you, as clients rightly know nothing of.

The combination has led me many times to consider quitting, financially I have been unable to. The honest truth is we are all sexworkers because it is economically viable to do so, and when it is not viable due to health, what then…..

But most importantly I do not want to quit. I have learnt a lot about myself and the industry, both good and bad. The bottom line is sexwork has immeasurably enriched my life and I hope to be able to continue for many years.