Cuddles V Intimate Cuddles – what is the difference?

I’m going to be offering both Cuddle and Intimate Cuddle Sessions from June 1st. * What does that mean, you may ask?

Due to my documented knee problems (see plenty of my other blogs) I will be offering the following:

INTIMATE CUDDLE SESSIONS: Kissing, cuddling, touching, teasing – with myself semi-nude (topless). What will NOT be on offer is full sex or oral. You are very welcome to provide yourself with a happy ending, but this will be for your hands only. To be absolutely clear I don’t touch your privates and you don’t touch mine during Intimate Cuddle Bookings.

CUDDLE SESSIONS: I will be FULLY clothed, what will be on offer is cuddling, flirting and talking only! This may suit those who wish for platonic company only.

This blog will shortly be followed by a dedicated section on my website.

* Full girlfriend experience will be prioritised for known clients for the time being.