Why I became an escort – Abby English

Of course I will not be giving away any identifying details but here is the gist of my entry into sexwork and a brief outline of my journey up until now.

Some years ago I had to give up my civilian job due to ill health. I had no idea what to do, spent many months recovering and trying to work that out. Then one NYs day (mildly hungover) I was browsing the internet and ‘somehow’ came across the Adultwork site. I honestly did not realise what it was, halfheartedly filled in a profile and forgot about it for a week.

Going back to it I realised what it was! I asked myself ‘could I do this?’ After a couple of months of false starts (and nerves) I had my first booking. Slowly I realised this was something (on the whole) I liked. It was a steep learning curve for me in terms of managing and working out boundaries/rules and suchlike. Sadly there are always ‘punters’ looking to prey on newcomers.

This was many years ago now, and of course there have been unpleasant experiences, but they have been in a minority. The bane of an escort’s life are timewasters, from those who look for freebies/harass you to those who never intend to book, to No Shows, Walk Outs and cancellations.

To balance that out I have had many wonderful clients, some I have seen only once, some became regulars for a long or short while. I can honestly say I grew fond of some clients, within of course the boundaries of a client/escort relationship.

The past 15 months have been extremely challenging. My documented ill health has meant barely being able to work and my finances have taken a massive hit. I have also experienced major personal difficulties the last few years which you, as clients rightly know nothing of.

The combination has led me many times to consider quitting, financially I have been unable to. The honest truth is we are all sexworkers because it is economically viable to do so, and when it is not viable due to health, what then…..

But most importantly I do not want to quit. I have learnt a lot about myself and the industry, both good and bad. The bottom line is sexwork has immeasurably enriched my life and I hope to be able to continue for many years.

Lovers another knee update

Just a note to start with off topic – if in doubt of my location at any time do check my Adultwork profile (Abby English) which is always up to date.

I am adding another update on my knee issues for a couple of reasons – I have had an unexpected flare up, and there are a few clients who don’t seem to understand, so a little more detail seems necessary.

It’s now been approximately a year since the initial flare up, and the diagnosis of runners knee did not come until Nov 2018. I am doing gym based therapy wherever possible, not as much as I’d like as I was unwell in January and I am currently seeking a permanent base.

The current flare up is due entirely to where I’m staying, awkward stairs and low surfaces mean a lot more knee bends. It is an unexpected setback.

The things which are worst for my knee are – kneeling (absolute no no), bending down, especially low, twisty steep stairs, walking downhill, standing or walking for any length of time, direct weight on the knees, lifting heavy objects.

So you can see how it affects me in my everyday life. Whilst the majority of the few clients I’m seeing are considerate a few are just not taking enough care and this can really spoil a session if I have to continually say, please don’t do that, be more careful etc.

So please take note of what I have written, because with this flare up meaning I am seeing even less clients, it really matters that you are duly considerate. There have been many times in the past months where I have thought I would have to give up completely. Please don’t contribute towards this – thank you.

Knee Update and Other News

I can finally give you folks an update on my knee problems. To recap, I’ve had issues all my adult life, and always been told it’s a degenerative problem. I’ve had 2 or 3 major flare ups, the last was this year, it just didn’t settle down and impacted heavily on my working life.

Finally I saw an advanced physio around a month ago, and he told me that I have what is colloquially known as ‘runners’ knee’ and that therefore if I follow a specific training routine to strengthen the muscles around the knee I could well see a lot of improvement.

So this is what I am doing. However this is complicated by the fact I will probably have to leave Littlehampton due to serious sleep deprivation (added stress I could really do without) so it’s going to be a challenge to manage to continue this programme.

It would be wonderful if someone felt able to sponsor my rehabilitation (gym dues) as that would really take the pressure off. I have barely been able to work this year as many of you know, and am struggling massively financially.

In the meantime I still obviously have to take care of my knees during bookings – limiting the number of bookings and what I am able to do, primarily no kneeling.

Hopefully I can get my accommodation sorted out and come back (eventually) with fully functioning knees, and can stop boring you with my health news!



How to Book Abby English for Mutual Pleasure!

How to Book Me/Behaviour During A Booking

1. Please read my website! To be sure I am what you are looking for. At the current time you also need to take note of my last blog concerning my knees.

2. Have a definite date, start time and duration in mind. Send a brief polite email containing this information, or call.

3. Be realistic, sending an email at 11am asking for an hour’s MORNING incall just is not humanely possible and will just get you marked down as a spammer and timewaster.

4. If I accept the booking you will need to confirm at a mutually agreed time usually on the day. The only exceptions to this are short notice bookings.

5. Please turn up on time, we all know there are times when one can be unavoidably detained but please gents if you’re going to be late keep me informed. If you no show/don’t bother to cancel then you won’t get the chance to see me again and you will be blacklisted.

6. Once you arrive the business side of things should be attended to, then the fun can begin. Mutual pleasure is assured as long as you’re clean polite and respectful at all times.

7. Please also be discreet on leaving and entering the property.

8. Complete no no’s are: turning up intoxicated, being rude, disrespectful or pushing boundaries.


www.abbyenglish.co.uk Abby English on Adultwork

Please read before contacting Abby….

Most of you who actively follow me will be aware that for 6 months now I have had knee issues which have meant I have worked far less than usual and with restrictions.

The current situation is that I MUST avoid kneeling during a session. I do not offer functional wham bam bookings. I offer a sensual relaxed experience which is very addictive so I can still see gents for GFE so long as you respect my current limitations.

I am friendly, down to earth and can hold a conversation as well as provide heavenly intimacy. So you seek something more than just the physical then come and see me!

Abby English – update on knee issues

Dear Gentlemen

Three months on this is an interim blog to let you know the situation regarding my knee issues remains the same. That is, any gentleman booking me is asked to respect the fact that I am unable to kneel and this does affect things in the boudoir.

However since I primarily offer a sensual relaxed girlfriend experience (rather than a wham bam functional event) my clients still leave happy and fulfilled. I have been able to be a little inventive in certain areas also!

I have never been a ‘conveyor belt’ type of SW, and of course these knee issues have impacted not only on what happens in a session, but how many clients I can see, which is fewer than previously.

The result is that financially things have been very tough, as I still seek a way forward. With thanks to the two gentleman who have helped me out more than once. Without them things would have been a lot tougher.

I STILL await a specialist appointment, however I do not need anyone to tell me that I should continue to be this careful, thank you for respecting this.

With 💖

www.abbyenglish.co.uk. @TheAbbyEnglish

Returning 29/1 West Sussex

Whether you are looking for Girlfriend Experience, Kink Services or Bespoke Submissive Services I can guarantee that your time with me will be unique and special.

Some of the eagle eyed may have noted I am offering something more, that is OWO to squeaky clean gents.

For how to book and information about my services see:


Follow me on Twitter @EnglishAbigail1

Contact Me: abbyenglish@protonmail.com & 07542 031347

Touring & Littlehampton Dates until 19 December

Here are my Tour Dates and Return Littlehampton Dates:

Cheltenham 20-24 October
Birmingham 24-28 October
Wilmcote 28 October to 12 November

Back in Littlehampton from 14 November – 19 December

Looking very much forward to seeing you all!

Please check out my website www.abbyenglish.co.uk and see me on Adultwork (Abby English) for details of what I offfer and what I expect from you.

Find out more about me from my Twitter feed, live from my website!


Hove for Abby English JULY 28 to AUGUST 16

Gentlemen delighted to be coming back to EAST SUSSEX, Hove to be precise. I will be there JULY 28 to AUGUST 16.

I look forward to welcoming clients old and new there. Please NOTE my availability will be limited, so to be sure of seeing me it’s best to book in advance. Regulars my darlings you take priority and don’t forget your advantage is you pay your usual rather than my touring rates.

If you are unsure of how to book me or indeed other details please have a good read of my website www.abbyenglish.co.uk. I can also be found on Adultwork www.adultwork.com/Abby+English+.

I put the EXPERIENCE into Girlfriend Experience. Come and find out for yourself. If you enjoy a little kink maybe ROLEPLAY or SUB/DOM play is your scene (additional charge applies, see relevant website section).

I welcome those of all ethnicities, as long as you are polite, clean, and respectful. Unfortunately my Hove premises are not suited for those with severe disabilities since there is no lift. If you are prone to allergies there is also a (rather lovely) cat on the premises.

Connecting with Clients is What I Love

Some who know nothing about escorts or whose experiences are limited to the wham-bam type will be no doubt rather puzzled by this title.

But what I absolutely love to do is see clients with whom I have a connection. Of course connections can be on many levels, and are built over time, but I can tell pretty quickly if this is going to happen.

I put a lot into my dates. I’m not talking about dress, make-up etc, that goes without saying. What I mean is I put a lot myself into trysts and the best ones are those where the gentleman also lets go and is truly himself. Then there will be an awesome connection!

I’m not stupid, I don’t expect this to happen all the time, and there is nothing worse than someone banging on about connection before a date but expecting it all to come from my side, whilst they sit back and detach themselves from the situation!

It’s a two way street, I’m not the kind to say ‘oh ah baby’ and pretend to have orgasms. I find the vast majority of my gentleman want a mutually satisfying experience, and those are the gentlemen that return to me….over and over.

As I said connection works on many levels. And my favourite encounters are those where it works on a higher level than the physical – emotional, mental and spiritual stimulation is just as important, if not more.

I stimulate ALL the senses, and my regulars know this. I’m very fond of many of you and want you know I value our connection.